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Burn Injuries in Albany, GA

Helping Injured People Obtain Compensation

Burns can cause injury complications that last for the rest of a victim’s life. They are forced to adapt to newly intense pain, increased vulnerability to infection, long recovery and rehabilitation periods, and the possibility of permanent disfigurement. Medical professionals recognize these injuries as the cause of debilitating, life-long emotional, and physical effects. The Law Offices of William F. Underwood, III, P.C. are here for you. We think it is important that burn victims hold people accountable for these severe damages. By hiring an Albany, GA personal injury attorney with experience fighting for clients to obtain compensation, you can increase your odds of securing the best possible outcome.

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Burn Statistics in the U.S.

Burn injuries are among the most horrific injuries a person can face. Last year in the United States, nearly half a million people were treated for burn injuries. The sad fact is that most burn injuries are preventable. Burn victims are faced with overwhelming healthcare bills, lost wages, permanent disability, and mental and emotional damage. To help you face such catastrophic circumstances, you need qualified legal assistance to assure that your rights are protected.

The Law Offices of William F. Underwood, III, P.C. has handled many burn cases, including:

  • An on-the-job incident
  • An automobile accident
  • Structure fires
  • Electrocution/electrical burns
  • Inhalation burns
  • Chemical burns

Types / Degrees of Burns

Burns are medically classified into three different categories:

  • First-degree burns: First-degree burns only affect the outermost layer of skin and typically result in minor discomfort. Sunburn is perhaps the most common example of a first-degree burn. Most first-degree burns are minor and heal with simple first-aid.
  • Second-degree burns: Second-degree burns involve damage to the top two layers of skin, resulting in severe pain and blistering. Also known as "partial thickness burns," some second-degree burns may cause permanent scarring.
  • Third-degree burns: Third-degree burns damage the top two layers of skin as well as the fat layer beneath the skin, causing white or black charring. Depending on the severity, third-degree burns can result in permanent nerve damage and may require skin graft surgery to be treated.
  • Fourth-degree burns: Fourth-degree burns damage the deep tissues, muscle, and bone. These types of burns are life-threatening and are typically the result of prolonged exposure to flames or high-voltage electric shocks.

The severity of your burns will have an impact on the value of your injury case. An attorney can review the circumstances surrounding your injuries and help you seek compensation for your full range of damages.

How We Can Help

The Law Offices of William F. Underwood, III, P.C. is the strong ally when it comes to defending the rights of our clients in a burn injury case. Because they can have such long-term effects, burn injuries can be some of the most expensive injuries a person can suffer. Our knowledge of Georgia law and experience in serious personal injury cases means we can successfully fight for your interests, and make sure settlements and awards will meet your financial needs.

If you’ve suffered a burn injury, avoid having to accept an inadequate settlement or insurance payment. Call (229) 999-4476 to make sure you have experienced, knowledgeable representation on your side.

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