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Justice Monthly Our Newsletter

Justice Monthly: Written by Attorney William F. Underwood III

Each month, our founding attorney writes a newsletter that reaches thousands. Justice Monthly features a personal story from William F. Underwood III, legal news, and topical tips and points. See below for the most recent newsletter and an archive of past months.


Read Our October Newsletter

The Compromises Of Marriage

Priscila and I will have been married for just under six months by the time you read this newsletter, and it's crazy to think about how much our lives have changed since we first met. From a long-distance relationship across multiple countries to getting married on the courthouse steps during a pandemic, we've been through a lot in our time together, and many of the changes have been for the better.

One such change is not quite as life-altering as getting married or traveling to Brazil, but it has made me healthier. In honor of National Cookbook Month and the end of the harvest season, I want to tell you a little bit about the culinary quirks of beginning a life with someone ...CONTINUE READING

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The Power of Music: Celebrating World Music Day

Music has always been a big part of my life, and since June 21 is World Music Day, I figured there was no better month to share my love of music.

I started playing guitar quite a bit when I was 17 years old, and I would jam with my friends whenever we had the chance. When I wasn’t living out my rock 'n’ roll dreams, I followed Widespread Panic — a band based right here in Athens, Georgia! — around the country for a bit ...CONTINUE READING

Read Our May Newsletter

Baseball Talk: Cheering for the Braves and Hoarding My Card Collection

With the late-winter outbreak of COVID-19, the baseball world has been a little unusual. Like many sporting leagues, the MLB has postponed its games while the pandemic makes its way across the U.S. But that doesn’t have to stop us from talking about baseball!

Growing up, I was always more of a fan than I was an athlete. If you are an avid reader of my newsletter, then you know that I made some great memories out on the ball diamond. But I couldn't get enough of the pros. I'm not sure where my fixation came from, but like many little kids, I dreamt about someday becoming a professional baseball player ...CONTINUE READING

Read Our April Newsletter

Preserving Georgia: Doing Our Part to Help the Local and Global Environment

My mom lived in Colorado for 20 years, and I always enjoyed visiting her at her home among the Rocky Mountains. I couldn't deny that it was beautiful, and I understand why my mom wanted to live there. But it never felt like “home.”

However, Georgia always has.

There's no view in the world as beautiful as the one seen driving along a backcountry road in the cotton fields where trees dot the skyline in the distance as the sun sets on another perfect Georgia day. We're spoiled in Georgia. Having flat farm fields, mountainous regions, and a coast, there's pretty much any view you could hope for ...CONTINUE READING

Read Our February Newsletter

That Gut Feeling: Celebrating Big News and Life Announcements

For the better part of 2019, I traveled across the southern U.S. and South America, studied Portuguese, and delved into our complex visa and immigration process. Don’t worry, I'm not going anywhere. But I do have some exciting news.

I am engaged!

I met Priscila online in May. She lives in Canoas, Brazil, one of the largest and southernmost cities in the South American country. Shortly after meeting and chatting over FaceTime, Priscila met me in Orlando, Florida, and things seemed to hit off pretty well. We shook off our nerves of meeting each other in person pretty quickly, and after that first visit ...CONTINUE READING

Read Our December Newsletter

10 Years Later: Celebrating A Decade of Filling My Dad's Shoes and Forging My Own Path

I started practicing law with my dad in March 2009. I had been with the district attorney’s office for two years at that point, and I was ready to join the practice my dad had been building since beginning his law career in 1974.

But on July 22, 2010, my dad passed away.

I always say that we crammed a lot of experience into that short time frame, nearly a year and a half. I didn’t have my own full caseload, but I would attend hearings with him, shadow mediations, and take in every ounce of his expertise within that year. By the time he passed, I had been practicing law for more than three years ...CONTINUE READING

Read Our November Newsletter

Fighting to Live: The Complexities of Serving Your Country

My dad chose the wrong time to flunk out of college.

Just as the Vietnam War draft was beginning in 1969, my dad flunked out of the University of Georgia. He received his draft notice in the mail shortly after because he was no longer protected from service. Panicked, my father struck a deal with a local recruiter, in which he agreed to join the Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) while finishing the last few semesters he had left at the University of Georgia. After he graduated, he would enlist as a lieutenant.

Now, my father wasn't unfamiliar with military service ... CONTINUE READING

Read Our September Newsletter

Better Together: Honoring the Team That Makes My Law Firm Successful

After more than a decade in the legal profession, I'm confident in my abilities. I've helped underserved workers get the compensation they deserve after a work injury saddles them with mounting medical bills, and I've stood up for clients who couldn't after an accident left them injured.

But I would not be half the lawyer I am without the team that supports me. We may be a small group of legal experts in southern Georgia, but together, we're a powerful force. In honor of Labor Day, I wanted to recognize my team and the work they do for clients every day. They make sure we are "putting people first." ... CONTINUE READING

Read Our August Newsletter

Rawson and Me: The Puppy Who Was There for Me, and the Old Dog I Still Cherish Today

My dad passed away just over nine years ago, and like any child does when they lose a parent, I was struggling with his passing. But at the time, I had a distraction to keep me busy throughout the grief and arrangements. Amid supporting my family and processing what happened, I was also in charge of a 10-week-old puppy I had just adopted almost three weeks prior.

At the time, Rawson was just like any other English Labrador puppy. He was excited, rambunctious, and a naughty troublemaker. Looking back, Rawson was the perfect, albeit exhausting, distraction I needed when one of the hardest events in my life had just occurred, even if his antics were unbearable at times. Rawson would chew ... CONTINUE READING

Read Our July Newsletter

On the Hook: Celebrating the Summer Days Spent at Sea

Nothing can compare to a Georgia summer, when the sweaty, sticky weather usually hovers around 90 degrees. As a kid, I could often be found on my bike, cruising down local trails and hopping off for a quick dip in a local blue hole or someone's backyard pool. If we weren't biking around town, my friends and I were probably on the baseball diamond or trying our hand at a new video game in someone's house.

While the majority of my summer days were spent pedaling through southern Georgia, it's the few days I spent off my bike that really stick out. These are the days my dad and I would load up the car and head three hours west to the Gulf of Mexico to go saltwater fishing ... CONTINUE READING

Read Our June Newsletter

Enemies to Confidantes: Becoming Closer to My Sister After a Bad Family Vacation

Today, my sister is my biggest confidante and supporter. At some point, as we got older, we realized that being each other's only sibling meant that we have to be able to count on one another, and I know that if I ever need help with anything, she would do all she could for me.

But, like most siblings, this wasn't always the case. Looking back, there were a few pretty brutal sibling tussles back in our day, but none stand out more than what happened on our family trip to Silverthorne, Colorado. In fact, this trip would go down as one of our worst family vacations... READ MORE

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    “This has truly been an experience that I will never forget.”


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    “They worked fast to obtain a greater settlement than I ever expected.”


  • He is always there when you need him without hesitation.

    “He is always there when you need him without hesitation.”


  • He is always more than glad to help and always does his best for his clients.

    “He is always more than glad to help and always does his best for his clients.”


  • I don’t believe that there could have been anyone else who could have done a better job of representing me concerning my job injury.

    “I don’t believe that there could have been anyone else who could have done a better job of representing me concerning my job injury.”


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